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12 Days of Christmas Cocktails: Blushini🥂

12 Days of Christmas Cocktails: Blushini🥂

Merry Bloody Christmas everyone! Tis the season of cocktails and today we have our final recipe! Pop that bottle of Champagne and get the Blushinis flowing🥂

This strawberry and rhubarb bellini is a refreshing, summery cocktail that’s perfect to get the Christmas celebrations started🍓How are you spending the festive season?

Share your cocktail snaps!🎉

 What you need: 


  • Mr. Consistent Blushini Mixer
  • Wildflower Pink Gin
  • Champagne / Prosecco of your choice
  • Fresh Rhubarb



  • Add 75mL of Mr. Consistent Blushini Mix
  • Add 30mL of Wildflower Pink Gin
  • Blend with Ice 

2/ Serve

  • Top up with Prosecco &  Rhubarb Ribbons
  • Enjoy!

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