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Barbie Margi - How to make a Barbie style Margarita!

Barbie Margi - How to make a Barbie style Margarita!

A pink Margarita to make all your Barbie dreams come true! This is the most beautiful Margarita to serve to your friends, with barely any effort!

Made using frozen pink Dragonfruit, adding to our Mr. Consistent Margarita Cocktail Mixer, this pink Margarita is absolutely set to turn heads!

Dragonfruit has a subtly sweet flavour, so the lime of the Margarita still shines through, and is complimented by the Dragonfruit.


To make a Mr. Consistent Dragonfruit Barbie Margarita, you will need Mr. Consistent Sours Mixer, Tequila and some frozen (or fresh, if you can get it) Pink Dragonfruit! 

Step 1 - Collect 45ml of Dragonfruit syrup (we let our frozen Dragonfruit thaw slightly to collect the juice)

Step 2 - Add the Dragonfruit to your shaker

Step 3 - Add ice to you shaker

Step 4 - Pour 75ml of Mr. Consistent Margarita Cocktail Mixer into your shaker

Step 5 - Pour 45ml of Tequila into your shaker 
If you would prefer a Non-Alcoholic option, you can use a Non-Alc spirit or water in replacement of the Tequila

Step 6 - Shake well to build the frothy head on the cocktail

Step 7 - Ensure you double strain your cocktail when pouring into the glass, to filter any Dragonfruit seeds

Step 8 - ENJOY!


Tried this recipe out? Let us know how you went, by tagging us on social media - @Mr.Consistent_

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