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You know me, I like to keep things interesting and give the people what they want on Black Friday! Last year I introduced to you the Midnight Martini. This year, you'll be blushing your way back to Me when you have your first sip of My newest mixer. 

 Please welcome the Blushini! The newest mixer to join My range is a strawberry and rhubarb bellini that will take you to a sweet escape! The Blushini is best paired with bubbles and can be described as a fruity and tantalizing treat for your tastebuds. 

I love to bring people together and the Blushini represents everything surrounding the good times, celebrations and making memories with those you love most! So wrap your lips around this lush little number and let the good times flow! 

As Black Friday only comes around once a year, My Blushini holds the same level of exclusivity! Make sure you get your hands on a bottle while stock lasts! 

1 / Create

Add 45mL of Mr. Consistent Blushini Mix

Add 75mL of your favourite bubbles

2 / Serve

Give it a Swizzle

TIP: Rim your glass with Mr. Consistent flavoured sugar rim for that extra sweetness

Get in, We're going shopping! Celebrate the spirit of Black Friday with Me and one of My Blushini cocktails with My newest Black Friday playlist! 

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