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Bubblegum Inspired Cocktail Recipe

Bubblegum Inspired Cocktail Recipe

Got a sweet tooth? Well boy do we have a cocktail for you. This Bubblegum inspired Sours Cocktail is a dream combo for hot Spring and Summer days to come. 

Our friends at Life Savers brought out new Bubblegum Flavoured Stix that we used to infuse our very own white rum to create a Bubblegum Stitch Up.

Recipe serves 1. Adjust quantities as needed.

What you need:

  • Mr. Consistent Stitch Up Mixer
  • White Rum
  • Life Savers Bubblegum Stix
  • Mason Jar
  • Ice

Prepare bubblegum infused white rum:

  • *PSA* Start this step 24 hours ahead, for the ultimate infusion flavours
  • Add a handful of Life Saves Bubblegum Stix to mason jar
  • Fill with white rum
  • Let sit aside for 24 hours to infuse into caramel fudge goodness 

How to create:

  • Pour 75mls Stitch Up Mix into shaker
  • Add 45ml bubblegum infused white rum
  • Add ice and shake vigirously
  • Strain into a short tumbler over ice

Watch the full recipe here.

Enjoy! Share your Caramel Fudge Espresso Martini with us by tagging @mr.consistent_

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