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If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain! Well I’d prefer not to get caught in the rain but I would definitely take the pina colada; Or the next best thing! Shake up my booze-free version of a pina colada and let the flavours take you to a tropical oasis! Don't forget to share your creations with Me and tag Me on Instagram

What you’ll need:

-Mr. Consistent Stitch Up Mixer

-Mr. Consistent Dried Oranges  

-Cream of Coconut 

-Cocktail Shaker 


-Your favourite tumbler glass 

1 / Create

Add 75mL of Stitch Up Mix 

Add 45mL of Cream of Coconut 

2 / Shake

Add ice 

Shake vigorously 

3 / Serve

Pour into your favourite tumbler glass with the ice 

Garnish with a dried orange


Activity Recommendation to pair perfectly with my Coconut Stitch Up:        Head to the beach for sunset with your favourite person and take in the view while sipping on the booze-free Coconut Stitch Up.

If you need some good tunes to help bring the vibes, head over to my Spotify account and have a listen to my newest Dry July Playlist!

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