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Earth Day 2024 🌏

Earth Day 2024 🌏

Earth Day 2024 is here, and it's our timely reminder that there is No Planet B - we need to be looking after the glorious Earth that we have here.

The focus for 2024 is a movement demanding reduction in plastics in production by 2040, and eliminating single use plastics by 2030. Even though it can be more inconvenient in a processing plant, we are proud to have chosen glass bottles for our products, as well as choosing paper products for any single use items (such as cups).

You can do your part by choosing products that are in glass or other recyclable materials, and let's limit the production of new plastics together!

If you want to take more action, here are the links below:

Sign the Global Plastics Treaty here - this one only takes seconds, share your voice!

Have your say on the Fast Fashion Industry here, or join the Great Global Cleanup here!

Still want more?! Here's the full Earth Day website for you to get involved.

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