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El Peachy Paradise Cocktail Recipe

El Peachy Paradise Cocktail Recipe

Dreaming of the tropics? Wishing you could be poolside with a cocktail in hand at some dreamy paradise resort? Me too! I know we could all use a mid year holiday right about now and trust Me when I say this is the next best thing. Let this tropical inspired cocktail recipe take you on the holiday of your dreams! Don't forget to share your creations with Me and tag Me on Instagram

Check out the full recipe:

1 / Create
- Pour 75mLs El Peachy Mix
- Add 45-60mLs Malibu (depends how you feelin’)
- Add 45mLs coconut milk

2 / Shake
- Add ice
- Shake vigorously

3 / Serve
- Strain into your favourite glass and serve
- Enjoy your Mr. Consistent El Peachy

Mr Consistent El Peachy Malibu and Coconut Milk

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