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HAPPY PUNCH DAY | Ft. My Stitch up Punch Bowl

HAPPY PUNCH DAY | Ft. My Stitch up Punch Bowl

As soon as I heard there was a day purely dedicated to celebrating punch bowls, I knew I had to get involved in any way, shape or form! It's no secret my mixers would make for the perfect base in any delicious punch. So don't be fooled, this delicious concoction can be enjoyed with My margarita, cosmo or sangria! My personal choice of punch bowl mix? The Stitch Up! 

When thinking about punch bowls I am immediately taken to a tropical holiday, being enjoyed poolside and served in a fish bowl the size of My head. With this particular punch I added Malibu Rum, Bacardi Rum and My Stitch Up mix and a heaping pile of ice all properly portioned to the size of the glass. Don't forget to add the umbrellas, lollies and straws for sharing, the more flamboyant and extra, the better! 

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 Mr. Consistent Stitch Up Fish Bowl

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