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International Cocktail Day

International Cocktail Day


Mr. Consistent is the first to jump at any opportunity to celebrate, especially when it comes to cocktails! With all of My Cocktail Mixers being so carefully curated, it would be silly to assume that they haven’t developed personalities of their own! To see who your perfect match is, check out the below video. 


MARGARITA MIXER: Here for a good time not a long time! I’m best paired with someone spicy 🌶 Are you ready to party?

COSMO MIXER: I can be summed up in four words ‘Like no one else’. I’m simply the best blend of sweet, tart & sour🍸 If I had to be paired with someone they would be a fruity gin or smooth vodka 💋

SOURS MIXER: I’m the perfect balance of sweet & sour, but mostly sour! 🍋 I’m vegan and best paired with a smooth amaretto or whiskey. Extra froth please!

BLOODY MARY: You can usually find Me at the beginning or end of every great party! Love a good time but also a chill time. Come hang with Me and I’ll be sure to bring the spice! 🌶

STITCH UP: Mahalo! I’m all about the laid back tropical vibes. Here to shake things up with someone who is a little frother of the big blue 🤙🏻

SANGRIA: I’m a bit of a free spirit who has a fruity personality & loves to share. I’m best paired with someone who is full bodied and that I can form a deep connection with. Feeling those good vibes & want to learn more about Me? Try Me here.

EL PEACHY: I consider myself down to earth. I love long lunches & sunset with my girlfriends that inspire me. Looking for someone who can be the Blueberry to My Peach flavour! 🍑 I'm best paired with a little chilli & tequila. 

MULLED WINE: IM BACK BABY! It’s always festive season with Me around. I’m the perfect mix of fruity & spice. I love sitting around a fire with my closest friends & family. I’m best paired with a full bodied wine on a cold evening with carols playing. 

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