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Let's Celebrate World Tequila Day!

Let's Celebrate World Tequila Day!

Salt, Shot, Lime? Not this year! It wouldn't be a World Tequila Day celebration without my Margarita mix! Spice up your tequila game and use the recipe below to shake up the world’s quickest, mess-free marg that I can assure you will not disappoint (at least in my opinion)! Top of the range, or bottom shelf.. Mr. Consistent Margarita Mix can be paired with any tequila and still tastes a treat! 

Not only is Tequila delicious, but it has got to be the most versatile yet complex spirits to hit the market to date! There are so many variations to enjoy tequila such as on the rocks, neat, with soda and a wedge of lime or my fav; as a Margarita! Don't forget My Waterboy Mix pairs perfectly with tequila and makes for a treat of a watermelon & strawberry style Margi! Follow my method below to create a Mr. Consistent Margarita in celebration of World Cocktail Day!




1: Create

  • Rim your Tumbler Glass with what ever salt rim you choose.


2: Shake 

  •  Add 75ml of Mr. Consistent Margarita mix
  • Add Tequila
  • Add 15ml of the extra flavouring
  • Add Ice and shake vigorously 


3: Serve

  • Double strain into your desired cocktail glass 
  • Garnish with a Mr. Consistent garnish and enjoy!


Now remember, The Margarita is the cocktail that brings the vibe! Be sure to listen to my Margarita Madness playlist while shakin' up your favourite cocktails! 


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