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Stand Up, Stand Out, Be Proud 

October 1st marks the beginning of  LGBTQ+ History month and I encourage you to Stand up, Stand out and be proud with the team at Mr. Consistent.  

The history, progression and positive change that the LGBTQ+ community has seen over the decades is one to be widely celebrated throughout the month and forever. I strongly believe that showing our support to the public is a crucial component in paving the way to allow for self expression without fear or discrimination within the LGBTQ+ community. In saying this, I am releasing a limited edition Mr. Consistent Margarita ‘Label for Love’!


Meet Red!

My junior graphic designer who has put all her love and passion into creating this label. This label is so important to me, as a member of the community myself, it has been so fantastic to put my passion and knowledge into this work and create something that both celebrates and brings awareness to LGBTQ+ people and history. My inspiration for this design has come from the patterns and colours of the late 60’s & early 70’s; being a time full of revolution and change and a pivotal moment within the LGBTQ+ liberation movement. I hope this label helps to inspire the idea of love, individuality and freedom to fully express oneself without fear or discrimination.”


 The Label for Love was designed and inspired by the late 60’s to early 70’s activism movements that stood out as a pivotal point in history for LGBTQ+ liberation. A few of these movements include the Stonewall riots and the first LGBTQ+ activist groups within Australia that assisted in social change and law reform. These moments in time symbolise a breakthrough for the community however it doesn’t just stop there. These groundbreaking acts need to continue and their voice needs to be heard in order to completely eradicate all forms of discrimination and fear within the LGBTQ+ community. 

This label is an imperative contribution on behalf of Mr. Consistent as positive queer representation in business and media is absolutely necessary. Not only does it prompt understanding but it aids the people to feel united, equal and allows for  direction into a society with less prejudice towards LGBTQIA+ people.
To show the ongoing support on behalf of the team at Mr. Consistent, I will be submitting a letter to the Australian Bureau of Statistics regarding the LGBTQ+ community and why there is no proper representation within the census. As the census aids decisions on healthcare, education and community needs, the entirety of the Australian population deserves representation. By participating in this months custom 'Label for Love' Margarita; you will be assisting the team at Mr. Consistent in standing up, standing out and standing proud by showing your support for the community.
To learn more about the history of LGBTQ+ click here 
Show your pride during LGBTQ+ history month with My new playlist!
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