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🥭 Mango Daiquiri | Black Friday Exclusive Release🔥

🥭 Mango Daiquiri | Black Friday Exclusive Release🔥

It takes two to mango!🥭 The yummiest, most refreshing cocktail mixer is out and it will knock you off your feet! IT’S A GAME CHANGER
How to make the king of cocktails? Amazing shaken and frozen!
Follow this quick and easy recipe to create My Mango Daiquiri🥭
What You Need:
1/ Create:
  • Add 75ml of Mr. Consistent Mango Daiquiri Mix
  • Add 45ml of White Rum
  • Add Ice


    2/ Shake:
    • Add Ice and shake vigorously or blend until smooth


    3/ Serve:

    • Strain into glass or simply pour when frozen
    • Garnish with fresh lime, enjoy!
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