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Mr. Consistent Chilli Margarita

Mr. Consistent Chilli Margarita

Things you'll need

1 x Bottle of Mr.Consistent Margarita Mix

1 x Tasteology Chilli Salt / Chilli Sugar

1-2 x chillies depending on your spice tolerance

1 x Cocktail Shaker + ice


Step One - Rim Your Glass

Crack your chosen salt / sugar onto a plate, rub your rim with lime or some Mr. Consistent Margarita Mix, then roll through the cracked salt and chilli mix.

Step Two - Make Your Cocktail

Slice chillies 2-5mm thickness, add to cocktail shaker and muddle. If you like it spicy add some seeds, followed by 75mLs of Mr. Consistent Margarita Mix, 45ml of Tequila and a handful of ice.

Step Three - Shake & Serve

Give it a good shake, pop the top off and strain into the rimmed glass. Garnish with a slice of chilli or Mary Valley Lime.

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