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Mr. Consistent x Formula 1 2022

Mr. Consistent x Formula 1 2022

Yes, you heard right! Mr. Consistent will be racing to make the freshest cocktails at the 2022 Formula 1 in Melbourne, Victoria. We will be down in the epicentre of the event throughout the 4 day period and will be giving you all the details on how & where you can find the Mr. Consistent Cocktail Bar at Formula 1!
We will be serving fresh cocktails throughout the entire event! What will be be shaking up? 
Motorsport Margarita $16.00
Mojito Spritz $14.00
Sangria Spritz $14.00
Pit Stop Sour $16.00
Espresso Martini $16.00
Cosmopolitan $16.00
Waterboy $16.00
Thursday April 7th 2022 
Friday April 8th 2022 
Saturday April 9th 2022 
Sunday April 10th 2022 
You can find Me shaking up some cocktails at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne, Victoria. Follow the map below to find the Mr. Consistent Cocktail bar. 
If you are enjoying the Formula 1 from afar, be sure to catch all the action live here! Make sure you enjoy My 'All Rev'd up playlist in between heats! 
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