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New Recipe: Jalapeno Waterboy!

New Recipe: Jalapeno Waterboy!

With the weather starting to warm up and summer well on it's way, you deserve a cocktail that matches the heat and freshness of the summer months! The Jalapeno Waterboy is a spicy version of the Watermelon and Strawberry style Margi shaken with rum and fresh jalapenos. Just the right amount of heat for your summer go to cocktail! 
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Follow this quick and easy recipe to create My
Jalapeno Waterboy 
What You Need: 




1/ Create: 

  • Roll Tumbler Glass through citrus and rim your glass with salt


2/ Shake:

  • Add desired amount of Chopped Jalapenos to your shaker 
  • Add 75ml of Mr. Consistent Waterboy Mix
  • Add 45ml of White Rum 
  • Add Ice and shake vigorously 


3/ Serve: 

  • Strain into your salt rimmed tumbler over fresh ice 
  • Garnish with Jalapeno Skewer and Mr. Consistent Dried Limes, enjoy!


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