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New Recipe | Strawberry Clouds Margarita

New Recipe | Strawberry Clouds Margarita

For any cocktail lover who enjoys indulging in the nostalgic sweetness of strawberry clouds, than this is the recipe for you! My latest Strawberry Clouds Margarita recipe is My take on a classic strawberry margarita with a dash of our inner child with our hands in the lolly jar! 
Follow this quick and easy recipe to create My
Strawberry Cloud Margarita 
1/ Create:
  • Infuse your Tequila with Strawberry Clouds for 24 hours before use
  • HOT TIP: Placing the Strawberry Clouds Tequila vessel in a bowl of boiling water will assist in reducing down the Clouds
  • Rim Glass in Citrus
  • Rim Glass in Mr. Consistent Strawberry Sugar 
2/ Shake:
  • Add Ice
  • Add 75ml of Mr. Consistent Margarita Mix
  • Add 45ml of Strawberry Clouds Tequila
  • Shake, Shake, Shake
3/ Serve:
  • Strain into cocktail coupe
  • Garnish with Mr. Consistent Dried Lime, Enjoy!

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