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No Glove, No Love! V-Day Playlist

No Glove, No Love! V-Day Playlist

It's almost that time of the year again... Valentine's Day! The day in which My team and I have put in a great amount of thought to ensure your day is full of romance and good vibes whilst sipping on your all time favourite cocktails.

Sex is a natural and enjoyable part of life and should be treated that way. I've teamed up with the guys from Smile Makers and Jonny Condoms to create a bunch of boujie Valentine's Day packs. Smile Makers and Jonny Condoms share similar company values, we are young, non-traditional in our fields and our customer satisfaction is what matters most to us.

So here it is;

- Solo Vibes Pack (it's totally normal to ride solo, why not add some extra vibes?)

- Boujie Couples Pack (go big or go home, there's nothing wrong with being extravagant)

- Come Together (let the romance spark)

Plus, you wouldn't want to enjoy a romantic night without some love making tunes. Hit play on My Valentine's Day playlist, and from here on in, enjoy a fun filled night sipping on cocktails, making love to yourself, your partner or both; you choose! 


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