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Spicy Peach & Jalapeno Margarita Recipe

Spicy Peach & Jalapeno Margarita Recipe

Hey there, cocktail lovers! Get ready to spice up your night with a delicious twist on the classic Margarita – introducing the Spicy Peach & Jalapeño Margarita, a refreshing blend of sweet peaches and fiery jalapeño that'll have you coming back for more!


🌶️🍑🍹Spicy Peach & Jalapeño Margarita using our fave; our Coconut Margi Mix - or you could use our Classic Margarita Mix too.

• Add 4-5 peach slices and some jalapeño to your shaker, and muddle well to release flavours
• Add 75ml of our Coconut Margi Mix
• Add 45ml of Tequila or non-alc replacement (or water)
• Add ice and shake well
• Strain and serve over fresh ice 🍹

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