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The Ultimate Date Night

The Ultimate Date Night

Needing some new date night inspiration? I’ve got you! Whether you’re just getting to know someone or finishing each other's sentences, we all get a bit stuck trying to keep it fresh. Here are some fun date night ideas to shake things up with the ones that matter.

At home DIY cook off anyone? Pick a theme for the evening such as Italian or Mexican without skimping on the details! Find a few recipes neither of you have tried and create your perfect date night by trying a new cuisine together. Level up the evening by pairing your dishes with My cocktails.

Feeling like a getaway? Whether your style is a luxury indulgence or a night of camping under the stars, a night away with your significant other is the perfect excuse to relax, unwind and get back to basics. Shake up a few cocktails together and let the good times follow.

For my final recommendation, double date games night! Grab your best pals and a few of the classic board games we all love and know. Don’t forget to accompany the night with snacks and My delicious cocktails! Nothing better than a little friendly competition to get you feeling closer to your partner in crime.

No matter how you wish to spice things up, make your perfect date night complete by adding My Date Night Pack! This pack includes:

- 2x Cocktail Mixers of your choice 

- 2x Fancy AF Tumbler Glasses 

- 1x Indigo Botanicals

Mr. Consistent Date Night Pack

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