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What is the best Mr. Consistent flavour?

What is the best Mr. Consistent flavour?

Pull up a chair, take a seat - and let's go through some of our most asked questions!

What is the best Mr. Consistent flavour?

OK, well this one is subjective to your personal taste preferences, but let's get into it!

Margarita cocktail mixer is our best seller; and is the perfectly balanced recipe - so it's not hard to understand why! We create our own orange liqueur style syrup in the mixer, so all you need to add is tequila (or non-alc replacement / water).

Our next best sellers are all close to each other, so it's hard to pick a favourite here! They are:

  • Cosmo - the perfect balance of tart and sweet!
  • Sours - the underdog, and the one everyone falls in love with!
  • Espresso Martini - I mean, it's a classic! Not too sweet, not too bitter
  • Waterboy - created for Summer, and good times with loved ones
  • Pash Inn - our take on the classic Pornstar Martini 

We also have a range of new flavours, such as our Daiquiri range, French Martini and Stitch Up (which is an amazing Summer-y flavour with pineapple and mandarin!), Bloody Mary and some seasonal flavours.

If you can't decide, try them all out with our 'Everything Pack'!

Enjoy your cocktail tasting 🍹

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